Championing human potential is our guiding mission, and we take it very seriously.

How do we match people with opportunities that make their lives – and the lives of the people around them – better?

It’s part art and part science.

→ First, our team is made up of intuitive, experienced recruiters and salespeople. Their art is understanding fit: how a candidate’s skills, ambitions, and professional potential would work within a team’s culture, needs, and trajectory.

→ Second, we focus on core skill sets in markets that we’re deeply connected to. That way, we’re doing what we love with people we know. We know IT, engineering, finance & accounting, and operations. And we live and breathe metro-Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India

→ Third, we rely on our time-tested process, the most thorough in the industry. We conduct a three-stage qualification process for every single potential candidate and client. We call it the Dhal InformationView Process, and that’s the science that helps channel our team’s talent into measurable results.

So here’s the big picture. At Dhal Information, we recruit with purpose. We focus on the human element – on relationships – because there’s no other way to get at the kind of results that matter human potential realized.
And recently, in order to broaden the scope of solutions and support we offer clients, Dhal Information formed a strategic partnership with USA based Staffing firm which is SBE certified in the United States of America.